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Thanks to the support of the community and our valued sponsors, we are able to introduce new programs each year that continue to establish the Tour as a successful and affordable vehicle for both recognized creative professionals and emerging talent to showcase their fine work.

Each year in cooperation with the Association of Registered Interior Designer of Ontario (ARIDO), the Home + Style Studio Tour offers a day-long series of professional level seminars. This program is open to both practicing designers and architects at Designers Walk, Canada’s leading design centre.

As part of our ongoing commitment to design education and mentorship, students of design are invited to participate free of charge in TRADE DAY programs alongside their already established peers. Following the event, a student from each category is then chosen to be mentored by our professionally accredited speakers for a period of six months.

Here are just a few of the letters of thanks received from some of our participating students and mentorship program recipients.

I just had a really nice two-hour telephone session with Hazel Hill — she is absolutely amazing. Thank you once again for putting me in touch with her, I do appreciate it and everything I've learned from her just in our first conversation alone! I think this is an excellent program and I definitely would like to keep in touch with you so I can let you know how it's going!

Zahra Shariff
Seneca College
2004 Mentorship Program

Being part of the Class of '03 was a nice chance for me to show my work in a store setting while getting a good response from those who saw it. Those who came by were people who appreciated the work that goes into a studio practice — their kind comments and appreciation of the effort and pieces was a confidence booster for me starting my own furniture building practice. The best part of being part of the Tour was knowing that some of the money that I made went to your worthy cause. This is a tremendous feeling to give through the work and know that the results are needed.

Jason Dressler
Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
Class of '03

I feel quite honored to participate in the Home and Style Studio Tour. I studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design, graduating with honours in Fine Art in order to pursue a career in Contemporary Figurative Sculpture. This tour provides an opportunity to see the talent of individuals within our society dedicated to their craft. This tour is also an opportunity to speak up for the plight of AIDS within our Canadian culture through supporting the arts. When two important venues marry together in the name of a greater good, the goodness grows and all benefit — the buyer, the artist/artisan, AIDS research, the survivors, their families and so on. The Home and Style Studio Tour was my first public venture. While setting up, a nice man came in and asked me about my biggest piece. He and his wife bought it by show's end and we were all happy! This is how the world should work — everyone tries, is fulfilled, and a greater good is served. Thanks Jeffrey for your ongoing efforts to give new artists an opportunity and to teach through your AIDS work the goodness of respect and good deeds.

Jane Hook, B.A., M.S.W., R.S.W., A.O.C.A.D.
Ontario College of Art and Design
Class of '03